Belle Fourche Pipeline was started – 32 mile pipeline from Donkey Creek to Fiddler Creek


Double Four Ranch purchased with 35 cows and 1 bull


Continued developed drilling in Clareton & Black Thunder and established commercial production at Donkey Creek, both in Dakota and in the Muddy formations

Original Casper office building completed


Two partners (True and Brown) separated and H.A. True Jr. formed True Drilling Company and True Oil Company with Jean True, with (8) drilling rigs.



Toolpusher Supply Company was formed to obtain manufacturers’ discounts that were unavailable for direct sales to operators and drilling contractors and, to inaugurate first-class rig maintenance and equipment updating – a Rig Shop was established in Casper

True & Brown Oil Producers; Donkey Creek field discovered


H.A. True Jr. became the president of Reserve Drilling Co. and True & Brown Drilling Contractors formed with five drilling rigs.


H.A. True Jr. moved from Cody to Casper as manager and part-owner of the one-rig Reserve Drilling Co.