True Companies COVID-19 Response

The rapidly evolving COVID-19 pandemic has created great uncertainty across the country and for businesses like ours. Many of our operations are 24/7/365 and require the physical presence of our employees in an office or at a field location. In light of current events, we have taken action to maintain our operations consistent with guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and other State and local officials. 

In the midst of this ongoing situation, we have reassigned staff to develop a full time project team to monitor and respond to evolving developments. Here is an overview of actions we have taken to-date to ensure continued safe operations.

Our Employee and Affiliates Health & Safety

Employee and Affiliate health and safety is our primary concern. We’re continually educating our staff on best practices, such as proper hygiene, social distancing and are regularly disinfecting our work environments. Employees who feel ill have been instructed not to report to work. 

We have implemented a building isolation plan for those individuals whose responsibilities require their presence on site and our janitorial staff is constantly working on the cleanliness of our work areas. 

To minimize our mail carrier exposure we ask that items mailed to our office be limited to only the essential items. If you have vital information to get to us, please use email if possible. 

In accordance with federal, state and local recommendations we are actively practicing social distancing by limiting our meetings to less than ten people and taking advantage of technology like video and teleconferencing for communicating. 

Calling on Experts

Internally, we have also reviewed our mission critical processes and systems and have worked to ensure that each mission critical area has backup personnel and offsite redundancy. We have also engaged a nationally recognized toxicology and environmental consulting firm to help us to effectively respond to any situations that might arise.

Working Remotely

Our Managers and Superintendents have each implemented plans to temporarily limit the personnel working inside our headquarters building. All employees whose duties can be done remotely are encouraged to do so.  


While we are “open for business” we are discouraging non-essential visitors to all True companies locations. We would temporarily prefer to conduct business via video/teleconferencing. If you would like to get in contact with someone within the True companies you can call our switchboard at 307-237-9301 who can direct your call. 


We have limited employee travel to that which is essential to maintain operations. We are also discouraging our employees from personal travel at this time. Those returning from vacation will be asked about their potential exposure and in some cases will be asked to quarantine before returning to work. 

These decisions are made with your health and safety in mind. In effort to work together as we face this challenge, we kindly ask that you please share any relevant cases of exposure in your organization that could potentially impact our interactions. Additionally, please let us know of any requirements or precautions that your company is taking, as they develop, so that we know if we need to limit visits to your headquarters or field locations.

As a family owned and operated business built on responsibility, loyalty, and integrity, we believe it is times like this that our values are most important. We are committed to minimizing the impact of this pandemic on our people and our business and we look forward to the day when we can resume business as usual.