2014-2015 Children of Employee Scholarships Announced

H. A. (Hank) True, III and David L. True, partners, recently announced the names of the recipients of the True Companies Children of Employee Scholarships for the 2014–2015 academic year.  Those receiving the employee scholarships are Kayla R. Bauste of Williston, North Dakota; Alexandria D. Eckhart, Conner L. Morton, Warren “Allen” Morton, Laura K. Stamp, Jacob N. Tuft, and Michaela M. Tuft of Casper; Kathryn A. Gerving of New Salem, North Dakota; Alyssa M. Hagstrom of Laramie; Emily R. Jones of Wright, Robert Neate of Newcastle; Seth K. Obritsch of Fairfield, North Dakota; and Colton L. Zahn of Culbertson, Montana.

The partners said there were 27 applications for 11 scholarships.  The selection of the winners was made by a scholarship committee including Mrs. Carol L. Tarantola, a retired educator, of Casper, Chairman; Mr. C. H. Brown III of C. H. Brown Co., LLC, Wheatland, Wyoming; and Mr. Jim D. Neiman of Neiman Enterprises, Inc., Hulett, Wyoming.  Both Messrs. Brown and Neiman are also past presidents of the University of Wyoming’s Board of Trustees.  The winners were selected on the basis of scholastic attainment, intelligence, merit, need, and their potential for success in and after college.

This is the fifty–fourth year these scholarships have been awarded; and they are in the amount of $1,500 each.  Students may use the scholarship at any accredited four-year college or university or at any accredited two-year college.  Selection of the college or university is determined by the student.  The partners pointed out that these scholarships are grants and do not in any way obligate the recipient to the True Companies.  All children of employees with three or more years of service are eligible to apply for the scholarships.  The applicant must be or intend to become a bona fide candidate for an associate degree, a baccalaureate degree, or an advanced degree from a qualified educational institution.

The Children of Employee Scholarships are donated by the company in addition to direct scholarship grants of $2,500 made each year to both Casper College and the University of Wyoming.  The annual grants are distributed directly by the receiving institutions.